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An elder orb was a very old and powerful beholder.[1]


Elder orbs were between 4 and 6 feet (1.2–1.8 m) in diameter. They lost their eyes over time, being unable to regenerate them, but gained wizardly powers instead. They were extremely intelligent.[1]


Elder orbs were generally the councilors or leaders of the beholder faction they lived in.[1]


Elder orbs ate less food that other beholders and thus were able to tolerate more foods, including poison. The elder orb's body itself had a high level of magic resistance and could easily see through most illusions.[1]

It was believed that elder orb brains could be used to create great spells and magical items.[1]


Elder orbs were powerful spellcasters, although they were restricted to verbal spells that they developed on their own or stole from others. They guarded their knowledge jealously.[1]

Elder orbs were able to control death tyrants with their magic, as well as create them. They preferred to use the death tyrants to do their dirty work for them, including fighting enemies.[1]

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