Archons are an elite group of elementals that can be found in either the Elemental Chaos serving primordials or other elementals. Built in vaguely humanoid shapes, archons are among the most dangerous soldiers of the planes.[1]

Physical characteristicsEdit

Archons are of roughly human size and shape, though they are still impressive to behold. An archon is typically composed almost entirely of a single substance, be it an element or paraelement and are essentially the elemental planes given form. All archons are covered in thick armor, which protects them against attack and which is all that remains should an archon be killed. All archons are immune to the effects of disease and poison, being composed wholly of elemental essence.[2]


Archons were created by the primordials during the Dawn War as a response to the gods' use of angels. In order to create the archons, primordials found several elemental creatures and reshaped them, forging them into archons through intentional creation. The use of archons was initially successful, although in the end the gods prevailed. Since then archons have served a variety of elemental lords across the planes, although nearly all find within them a burning urge to return the world to the rule of the primordials, having little other purpose in their minds.[1]

Archon racesEdit

There are many kinds of archons across the planes, most of which are typically of a chaotic evil alignment.

Air archons
Beings composed of wind and air commonly found throughout the Elemental Chaos.
Crystal archons
Rare beings of crystalline might found deep within the Elemental Chaos.
Earth archons
Manifestations of rock and earth found widely in the Elemental Chaos.
Fire archons
Wrathful mercenaries who are the power of flames manifest. Most fire archons are chaotic evil.
Ice archons
Chilling warriors who serve whom they wish and venerate the primordials who created them. Most often chaotic evil.
Slime archons
Slime-covered outsiders that are comparatively rarer than their brethren.
Storm archons
Manifestations of the storm element that are found commonly in the Elemental Chaos.
Water archons
Archons composed of water commonly found in the Elemental Chaos.


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