Elemental Swarm was a conjuration spell that summoned between two and eight large elementals, one to four huge elementals, and one greater elemental, whose element depended on the plane from which they were summoned.[note 1]


This spell opened a portal to an Elemental Plane and summoned creatures from that plane. A druid could choose which plane (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water); a cleric opened a portal to the plane matching his or her domain. The spell took 10 minutes to cast and then the first creatures appeared at a chosen location within a few hundred feet (80+ meters) of the caster.[1]

When the spell was complete, two to eight large elementals appeared. Ten minutes later, one to four huge elementals appeared. Ten minutes after that, one greater elemental appeared. All summoned creatures obeyed the caster and would not turn on the caster even if someone else took control of them. The elementals stayed on the plane of the caster for a minimum of about three hours or until the caster dismissed them, individually or in groups, whichever came first.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components were needed to cast this spell.[1]



  1. The spell's descriptor corresponded to the element invoked.


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