Elemetar was a barony and later the smallest county of Tethyr, but contained Tethyr's second-largest city, Myratma.[1]


Elemetar was located in the Purple Marches. It was on the north banks of the River Ith across from County Calimmon in Ankaram. It was bordered by County Vintor and the Purple Hills region in the west at the Red River. County Bardshyr was to the north, and Ithmonn and the Crown Lands to the east.[3]


Before the Tethyrian Interregnum, Elemetar was a barony ruled over by the Raslemtar family. In 1369 DR it became a county and was ruled by Perendra Raslemtar, the Court Vizera.[1] Countess Perendra's official estate was in the city of Myratma, in a mansion known as Khaarysaim, but she spent most of her time in the capital in her adviosry role to the queen and king.[4]


Elemetar contained the best grain fields in southern Tethyr. It was also one of the richest counties of Tethyr, as Myratma was there, and the Trade Way passed through.[1]


When the Ten Black Days passed, Baron Amir Raslemtar[note 1] was one of only five barons to survive. He escaped Tethyr with his family, which included the young Perendra.[5] Years later, after the Civil War, the lands were restored to the Perendra family.[1]



  1. He is named Seldoon in the DM's Sourcebook of the Realms, but Lands of Intrigue Book 1: Tethyr names him Amir. This article follows the more recent source.


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