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The elephant bird is a huge bird with green plumage and yellowish beak. Their screams can often hear were traveling in jungle of Zakhara. Usually these birds move two or three, but they are rarely separated from their flock. Anyone who dares to attack them recognize their strength.


Usually when the elephant bird travels she rarely attacks anyone either. These birds are quite tricky, if they see that advantage on their side they attack immediately, but if they in something doubted they prefer flee.Usually these birds dropping stones on enemies which before this thoroughly superheat in his throat. After they stunned the enemy they finishes him by their claws. Each bird can carry only three stones. They also work great beak as a weapon.


Elephants birds omnivorous. Their most favorite dish is fresh meat but they can also eat carrion. They may also eat worms, insects, and berries. These birds are considered a right to some of the most powerful animals in the jungle. Only people prefer to hunt them. In extreme cases, these birds can attack and humans.


Elephant birds usually live in dense jungle or on their outskirts. This relatively open terrain they prefer not accidental, it is ideal for tracking prey. Their nests are usually found in the most treetops because their eggs prized like delicacy many inhabitants of the jungle.





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