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The Elfskull Inn was an inn in the city of Arabel owned by Asheyron.[1][2]


The inn was named because of the mysterious glowing floating skull of an elf which appeared occasionally at night in the entry foyer.[3] Around 1367 DR, the notoriety of the Elfskull was even with other inns in Arabel, such as the Falcon Crest and the Weary Knight, but not it was not as glamorous as the Pride of Arabel.[4]


The establishment was located outside the eastern wall of Arabel.[5]


The Elfskull was an excellent inn with moderate prices.[6]


The inn was wonderfully taken care of and minor magic kept the fine paneled rooms warm in the wintertime and cool in the summertime. Many reports stated these enchantments were placed by War Wizards who wanted to relax while protecting the city.[7]


Asheyron the Learned owned the inn and kept his offices on the ground floor. His skilled staff consisted of his sisters, Orlyra and Mristeezra, who were expert judges of character. They could usually spot trouble before it happened and had a knack for spoiling dark dealings or romantic rendezvous, which would embarrass other customers.[7]


Legends said the ghostly skull marked the entrance to the Sword Heralds hidden lair, but tales also speak of the building being the safehouse for the noble families of the Dragonarl and Narboot. Many storytellers agreed the doorway needed an acorn to open and was guarded by two helmed horrors.[8]


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