Elgath was a man from the city of Archenbridge in Archendale, in the Dalelands. He was the proprietor of Elgath's Provisions.


Elgath was once a member of Archendale's Ridesmen until he was seriously injured in the line-of-duty. He retired and used his retirement money to found Elgath's Provisions in the late 1340s DR, and still owned it by 1370 DR.


He was a bluff man, with smooth facial hair.


By 1370 DR, leaving the day-to-day running of his shop to his staff, Elgath usually sat in a chair there and chatted with his fellow retired Ridesmen. He was still quick to come to assistance, however.

Elgath boasted that, if he did not have it in stock, then he could locate any item a customer desired for sale within a day for no charge. For example, Volothamp Geddarm tested the service by requesting a Thayan web-of-bells dancer's costume—by the next meal that day, Elgath had found a Sembian collector willing to part with a spare. He even offered to have a fast rider collect it, but Volo declined.

Though he was reluctant to speak of it, Elgath's store was plagued by a wizard named Thendarion who was trapped in the form of a boot and other common items. It was unknown how he first came to Elgath's Provisions, but thereafter he lurked amongst the merchandise waiting to be bought and go on adventures. Thendarion always returned to the store, or was returned by annoyed customers, in which case Elgath always gave a full refund, politely but reluctantly. Elgath sought out mages to undo the curse and rid himself of Thendarion, but each effort did nothing but cost him.[1]


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