Elhazir was the proprietor of the wildly popular gift shop named after him, Elhazir's Exotica, in Arabel in 1368 DR.[1]


In addition to running the shop with his family, Elhazir personally enchanted weapons for sale in the store. These were usually magical daggers that not only aided the wielder during combat, but often possessed an additional enchantment as well.[1]


Elhazir was the proud father of six daughters, all of whom worked in the shop with him.[1]


As one might expect for someone who owned a shop specializing in exotic goods, Elhazir owned an impressive variety of magical items. These included an earring of spell turning and an ancient Netherese ring of spell storing that included the spells invisibility, fly, wall of force, repulsion as well as a pair of priestly healing spells.[1]



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