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Elisande was a young girl in the Moonsea in 1491 DR.


Elisande lived in a small village on a isle not too far from Phlan. She lived with her parents until they both died of illness. From that day on, Elisande waited for an opportunity to leave the village.

So when an adventuring party arrived in the village investigating rumors of dracoliches and ghost ships, she tried by all means to befriend them.[1] She moved to Phlan until the coup of the Cult of the Dragon took the city[2] After escaped from Phlan Elisande found a place to stay at the Mulmaster's Underdark station post of Fort Iron. Here possibly was involved in an other adventure in 1491 DR.[3] During the Rage of Demons Elisande briefly attended a celebration for Mielikki in the village of Elventree.[4]

Later Elisande was inside a passage to Upperdark near the village of the Stop.[5]


Elisande was always fascinated with the world outside the village, unlike her fellow villagers, and hoped to some day leave and see it. She acted cordially with outsiders, asking for all kinds of information about the world.[1]


Elisande always traveled with a blind goat.[1]




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