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Elisia was a sea spirit who lived in Lac Dinneshere within the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.[1]


The elven-like water spirit had blue skin and light green hair.[1]


Elisia loved the great hero Aihonen, and felt very strong feelings toward his descendant, Jhonen, because of his resemblance to Aihonen. However, the sea spirit feared revealing herself to Jhonen for risk of transforming into water.[1]


Around 1181 DR, Aihonen died while fighting Icasaracht, the last white dragon queen of the Spine of the World on the banks of Lac Dinneshere.

In 1281 DR, Elisia communicated to Jhonen through dreams how she felt about the young fisherman. Later, she gave him the shards of the Blade of Aihonen.[1]




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