Elizzaria Whitehand was the Grand Mairshar of Tasseldale in the mid-14th century DR. She had powers over the defense, foreign relations and the administration of justice within the dale. For the most important matters, she consulted the Tassel Elders.[1]


Near the end of her reign as Grand Mairshar Elizzaria had gray hair and looked rundown and tired after over a decade of rule. She was known for dealing with others in a blunt and direct manner and very obviously wanted to retire.[1]


Among Elizzaria's belongings were a magical ring that allowed her to change her appearance, though its exact nature or enchantment were unknown. On occasion, she would use it to enjoy a drink at the Royal Flagon in disguise, and listen to the Tassadran of Tegal's Mark.[2]


In her youth, Elizzaria was an adventurer, swordswoman and priestess of Tymora. After a doctrinal dispute with the rest of the church of Tymora, she returned to Tasseldale and joined the Mairshars. Over time, Elizzaria rose up the ranks and, in 1352 DR, was appointed Grand Mairshar by her predecessor.[1]

By 1367 DR, Elizzaria was on the verge of retirement and was training her successor, a cheerful paladin named Erich Inshiland.[1]


  1. The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2e lists Helm as Elizzaria Whitehand's patron deity


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