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Elle BG
Basic Information
Home Suldanessellar
Gender Female
Race Elf
Age Unknown
Rules Information
Magic-User 16
Alignment Lawful good
Game Edition 1st

Ellesime is the elven queen of Suldanessellar.


She is said to be of divine heritage; indeed, her beauty is often compared to that of a goddess. Ellesime inhabits the palace of Suldanessellar, which is built around the Tree of Life - the queen's eternal youth is said to be preserved by the tree, and as such it is difficult to judge her age. She was once in a relationship with the mage Irenicus, who was subsequently exiled from Suldanessellar for attempting to raise himself to the status of godhood.[1]

In 1368 DR she was forced to flee Suldanessellar, after it was attacked by Joneleth “The Exile”. She and the other survivors fled to Myth Rhynn.[2]



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