Elminster's tower was the abode of perhaps the most famous, or infamous, spellcaster throughout TorilElminster Aumar.[1]


Elminster's tower was found in the village of Shadowdale.[1] It sat just south of the Old Skull near a small pond.[2]


The tower stood only three stories tall. Vines covered nearly every one of the field stones used to form the structure. Numerous lean-tos and shacks had been added to the exterior to accommodate Elminster's growing collection of items both magical and mundane. The front of the tower was adorned with a simple wooden door.[1]


The first floor of the tower held a simple kitchen and office. A spiral staircase led to the second floor, which held Elminster's personal quarters. An even smaller room was located on the third floor and was sometimes used as a work room for guests.[1]


Though no one knew the extent of magical protection placed about the tower, it was wise to assume that Elminster's home was safe from unwanted intrusion.[1]


Elminster built the squat tower sometime during the mid–9th century DR.[1]


In addition to the mighty mage, Elminster's scribe and personal assistant, Lhaeo, was the only other nearly permanent resident. Elminster did, however, entertain visitors from time to time.[1]

Narm Tamaraith and Shandril sheltered at the tower after surviving an attack in the Tower of Ashaba.[1]



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