Elvolaer Olaundran was a member of the Olaundran merchant family in Delzimmer circa the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR.[1][2]


Elvolaer was a strapping young man that kept his weight somewhat in check by engaging in certain physical activities suited to aristocratic men. As a general rule, he wore fine clothing made from a true gold-colored (never yellow) cloth called shimmerweave, but would dabble in the latest fashion trends now and then.[1][2]


Elvolaer and his brother Sardrin liked to carouse around the city, gambling, drinking, and instigating fist fights or the occasional bar brawl. They were not particularly careful with their money, except when wagering.[1][2]


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The two brothers were often seen together and had similar interests. They practiced hawking and enjoyed hunting, gambling, and wagering on beast fights and on bouts of mudwrestling slaves.[1][2]


Elvolaer was the second child and eldest son of Yolaun Olaundran, one of the de facto leaders of the family business. He was the grandson of the patriarch of the clan, "Old" Gauthklaun. After him was his younger brother, Sardrin, and three more younger siblings.[1][2]


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