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King Emerus Warcrown
Basic Information
Home Citadel Felbarr
Gender Male
Race Shield Dwarf
Born ca. 1219 DR
Rules Information
Fighter 16
Alignment Lawful good
Game Edition 3rd

Source: SM p.68

King Emerus Warcrown of Citadel Felbarr was one of the Members of the Council of 12 Peers.[1] Since 1367 DR he sought to rebuild the "once-glorious city of Felbarr"; despite this, the Citadel was still very vulnerable.[2]

Emerus drew the runes on the doors and doorframe of the Rune Gate.[3]


Emerus was a fit and muscular shield dwarf with flaxen beard and scar from above the right eye thru his cheek ending at is right ear. He received the scar in the battle to recover Citadel Felbarr[4]. In 1463, he was more than 200 years old but he had the sort of physique that would "make a fifty-year-old jealous."[5]




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