Emmergluth was an elder malaugrym, (a.k.a. shadowmaster) at large in Toril as of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR.[1]


As a shapeshifter, Emmergluth could appear as any living thing,[2] but usually appeared as male. When not trying to blend into Faerûnian society, his favorite guises were as a wraith or as a crimson death (an amorphous cloud of red mist with a human-like head and arms).[1]


Emmergluth was a craven sycophant, befriending other shadowmasters more dominating than himself. He had an uncanny knack for joining the losing faction.[1]


Emmergluth perpetually chose to follow other shadowmasters who were ambitious but often foolhardy. He would serve them until their machinations for grasping power among the malaugrym led to their defeat and then he would flee. Because of this, he frequently went into hiding from his own kin.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

As of 1368 DR, Emmergluth was thought to be hiding as a human somewhere in Sembia, enjoying a self-indulgent lifestyle while searching for magic spells or items that would increase his chances of survival in confrontations with the population of Faerûn or his own people.[1]


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