An empowerment candle was a special magic item made by mystics in the Realms. It increased spellcasting and weapon effectiveness to their greatest potential.[1]


Empowerment candles were silver in color and intended to be burned in ten-minute intervals. The longest-lasting candle that could be created burned for ninety minutes. For neutral mystics, this was the seventh type of candle they learned to make when studying candle magic. Good and evil mystics could learn to make this candle after they reached a sufficiently high level.[1]


After burning for the desired amount of time and then being extinguished (either by blowing, snuffing, dousing, or reaching the end of its wick), this candle granted the subject maximum proficiency in spellcasting ability similar to a brick of incense of meditation. Both divine and arcane spellcasters could make use of this candle. Empowered recipients were able to achieve the maximum range, area, duration, damage, etc. when casting spells for one hour for each ten-minute interval the candle was lit.[1]

Weapon use by empowered recipients was also enhanced so that weapons did the greatest harm (based on the size and/or type of weapon) with each successful attack.[1]

The subject had to remain within ten feet (three meters) of the burning candle for the entire time it was lit and when it was extinguished or that application of the candle was wasted.[1]


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