Enchara was the warrior queen of Esparin, a kingdom in the Stonelands, in the 12th century DR. She wed Crown Prince Palaghard I of Cormyr, leading to Esparin being annexed into Cormyr.[1][2][3]


Palaghard was known as the conqueror of Esparin. However, Queen Enchara married Prince Palaghard in the Year of the Prancing Centaur, 1162 DR, and with their union the kingdom was annexed by Cormyr.[1][2]


Enchara's husband was Palaghard I. Their son was Pryntaler Obarskyr.[4][1]


She had a fiery temper and a knack for rallying her troops to bloodlust. Both of these qualities her son Pryntalar inherited.[4]


A statue of Enchara in the Lost Refuge depicted her as a woman in armor.[2]


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