Endure cold/endure heat was an alteration spell that allowed a creature to withstand extremes of non-magical heat or cold.[6][7][5]


This spell was an improved version of the resist cold spell that allowed the caster to choose endure cold or endure heat at the time of casting. The caster had to touch the creature in order to bestow this protection, and it prevented discomfort down to –30° F (–34° C) or up to 130° F (54° C). For every hour of exposure to temperatures below or above these extremes, this spell reduced the damage inflicted to the minimum possible damage for each degree (1° F or 0.56° C) beyond the limit of the spell's protection.[6][7][5]

Any exposure to non-normal cold or heat (spells, dragon breath, etc.) immediately canceled this spell regardless which version was in effect. However, the act of cancellation absorbed a small amount of damage from the magical attack.[6][7] The older version of this spell prevented all damage from the first contact with magical cold or heat and then was dispelled.[5]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[6][7][5]


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