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Entemoch, the Prince of Earth Elementals, was the twin of Ogrémoch, but unlike his evil brother, Entemoch was good.[1]


Like his brother, he resembled a gigantic earth elemental, like a living mountain. He could also burrow through the ground, merging with earth and stones and moving through them without disturbing the ground. He could even manifest himself only as a face made of stone in a cavernous wall.[1]


Entemoch maintained a good relationship with Segojan Earthcaller, the gnome deity of deep earth and nature.[1]

Ogrémoch considered Entemoch an enemy, but Entemoch's feelings toward his twin brother were unknown.[1]


It is unknown what kinds of races and creatures worshiped Entemoch, but the svirfneblin priests of Blingdenstone knew ways and rituals to summon him. Entemoch appeared to those deep gnomes a thousand of years before the mid–14th century DR. This ritual involved placing green gemstones in a circle and breaking them apart.[1]




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