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Epic in Dungeons and Dragons may refer to any of the following:

  • In 3rd and 3.5 edition, any player character (PC) or non-player character (NPC) that had achieved a character level (the sum of all class levels) of 21 or higher.[1]
  • In 3rd and 3.5 edition, an epic-level benefit granted to a PC when he or she achieves a level above 20.[2]
  • In 4th edition, an epic destiny was a path a PC could follow after reaching 20th level.[3]
  • In 3rd and 3.5 edition, epic spells were powerful magics cast by Netherese arcanists and other epic-level spellcasters.[4]
  • In 5th edition, an epic boon may be granted to a PC upon reaching level 20.[5]


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