Erammon Oraun was son of Lord Elmaer Oraun, former Lord of Harrowdale. He fought in the Battle of Marak's Stile, defending Harrowdale against the forces of Halvan the Dark, but vanished during the battle, and the battle was won by the invading forces.[1]


After Erammon's disappearance at the Battle of Marak's Stile, he was presumed dead, but some said that he, along with his father Lord Elmaer, and swordmaster Thaeron, had been taken by elven magic.[1]

He was reportedly seen again in Harrowdale in 1351 DR, when "fey blue mage-fire" was observed above a farmstead belonging to three brothers, Torstan, Ulbearn, and Durthar Morgath. The wizard Arauntan of Selgaunt reports that the following morning, although the three brothers walked and talked the same as before, they had the appearances of Erammon, his father Elmaer, and swordmaster Thaeron.[1]

Torstan, or Erammon, depending on whose story is to be believed, disappeared in 1352 DR.[1]



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