Eregul (pronounced ERE-eh-GULL),[3] usually known as the Freestave (meaning that he was a wizard out for his own interests, while working for an organization[3]), was a high-ranking Zhentarim wizard in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[2] He died in 1375 DR in Shadowdale.[1]


Eregul was tall with black hair and a beard. He also had hard, dark eyes.[3]


Eregul was a cautious and scheming individual who spoke with a drawling voice peppered with sardonic mannerisms.[3] He was always in search of the best opportunities to rise in rank. He greatly disliked Orgauth for his eternal smile.[2]


Eregul had a loyal foulwing steed named Zvopua.[4]


Eregul joined the Zhentarim as an independent ally of Manshoon in order to gain power and influence. His long-term plan was to supplant Thagdal as master of the Tower of the Art in Zhentil Keep and obtain a place in the Lords' Council. He wandered Cormyr, Sembia and the Dalelands. In 1370 DR, however, Eregul was in Darkhold to take command of the Zhent wizards there.[2]

In 1375 DR, Eregul was the most high-ranking Zhent wizard in the Zhentarim Occupation Army in Shadowdale.[1] During the fighting in the dale, he led a supply caravan arriving from Voonlar.[4] However, some adventurers and Dalesfolk ambushed the caravan and during the fighting Eregul was killed.[1]



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