Erinyes (pronounced: /ˈrɪnizAYR-i-neez[4] or: /ɛərɪnjɛsair-in-yes[5]) were baatezu devils of the Nine Hells.[3]

Physical descriptionEdit

Erinyes originally appeared as beautiful women and men, with large feathered wings and glowing red eyes. They could be mistaken for a celestial. An erinyes generally stood around 6 ft (1.8 m) tall and weighed approximately 150 pounds (68 kg).[3]

After Asmodeus' ascension to godhood, the erinyes lost their wings, and received hooves and fangs in return, which made them look beastly.[6].


Erinyes usually wielded a longsword, but their primary weapon was a shining red +1 flaming composite longbow. They preferred to use it to fight a distance or from above, and used their powers to distract or disorganize their foes. They liked to tie up an enemy in a rope and fly them high into the sky before dropping them.[3]


An erinyes could use the spells of charm monster and minor image, and in common with other baatezu they could cast an unholy blight and greater teleport at will, as well as act under a constant true seeing. They could summon lemures and bearded devils to assist them.[3]

An erinyes had the special power to animate a rope and use it to entangle a victim.[3]

They could also cast a spell of fascination on their chosen victims.[7]


Erinyes typically served as scouts or servants to powerful devils, and sometimes as their concubines.[3]

Some erinyes took advantage of their beauty and resemblance to celestials, and attempted to masquerade as angels.[3]

Erinyes spoke Infernal, Celestial, and Draconic languages.[3]


Legend in the Nine Hells told that the first erinyes were angels who fell from the heavens after being corrupted by temptation or committing some misdeed. Modern erinyes were their descendants.[3]

Following the ascension of Asmodeus, the erinyes received mastery over the succubi, but were transformed into devilish forms.[6]

Notable erinyesEdit




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