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Erlranther Alibakkar was the Meisarch, the highest-ranking member of the Council of Six, the government of Amn, around 1370 DR.[1]


He was described as being in his late fifties as of 1370 DR and had a slightly large belly.[1][note 1]


He was originally a caravan organizer and a fighter, but in 1333 DR he entered the Council of Six as the lower-ranked Namarch, moving his way up gradually.[1]


In an argument, Erlranther would stare down upon his opponent and tense his muscles so that it appeared he was ready to fight.[1]


  • Lord of House Alibakkar (1302 onwards)
  • Namarch (1333–1345)
  • Tessarch (1345–1362)
  • Meisarch (1362 onwards)[1]



  1. In Lands of Intrigue, pages 7 & 8, Erlranther is said to be the Lord of House Alibakkar from 1302 DR onward, implying he has led the family for 68 years. However, it also says he is his late fifties, making him a decade younger. It seems that either the age or the year are in error.


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