Gentle Father Erngar Narrowlea was a priest of Lathander in Voonlar during the time period roughly corresponding to the term of Bron (sheriff) Buorstag Hlammythyl,[1][2] i.e., from about 1355 DR[3] until at least 1372 DR.[4]


Erngar was a forward-looking person who noticed details and speculated on how they might impact future events. He was kindly and helped those in need.[1][2]


His primary duty was to tend the House of Holy Light, the shrine to the Morninglord in Voonlar, along with a few lay persons. In addition to nurturing the open-to-all herb garden around the shrine, he sold potions of extra healing and holy water to the many visitors that stopped by while passing through Voonlar.

Unbeknownst to the Bron and the Cyricists of the Dark God Reformed, Erngar did what he could to upset their plans without drawing attention to himself. He also assisted other followers of Lathander by providing small loans for business purposes.[1][2]


Father Narrowlea tried to keep at least twenty large glass jars of holy water on hand for sale at the shrine. His supply of healing potions was usually limited to six, replenished every tenday by mid-level priests of Lathander who passed through town.[1][2]


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