Esbresh was a settlement near the Utter East and Ulgarth in southeast Faerûn, lying on the shore of the Great Sea.[1]

There was a certain slaving ring based out of Luskan in far northwest Faerûn, fronted by one Inther Blackfeather, that reached all the way to Esbresh and Kelazzan.[2][3]



Esbresh isn't mentioned in the Ulgarth chapter in The Shining South (1993), nor does it appear on the maps, so it is unclear what relation it has to that kingdom. Kelazzan is described as the southernmost community of Ulgarth in Shining South (2004), implying that Esbresh is not part of Ulgarth. It may be an independent city. This article only places it geographically in Ulgarth for organizational purposes.


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