Escalant was a coastal city in Thay, in East Faerûn. As of 1357 DR, the city was independent of Thayan rule, but had been under Thayan control in the past.[1] It was situated on the mouth of the River Lapendrar.[2]


Although the city was independent in 1357 DR, it maintained a loose association with Delthuntle, Laothkund, Lasdur, Murbant, Nethra, Taskaunt, Teth, and Thasselen, for mutual defense.[3]


The defenders of Escalant circa 1357 DR were a variety of troops hired as mercenaries.[4]


Escalant had been burned to the ground once prior to 1357 DR. In 1357 DR, the city was besieged by fire elementals.[5]



  1. On p. 9 of Dreams of the Red Wizards, the population of Escalant is given as around 20,000, but on p. 23, the population is given as 30,000. The figure of 20,000 has been used in this article since this figure is used elsewhere in sources set in the same year, such as Old Empires, p. 8.


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