Esh Alakar was a site of ruins on the Pasocada River in the Pasocada Basin in Maztica.[1]


The massive ruins were located on the floor of the Long Canyon by the Pasocada River. Nearby was the Bridge of the Ancients.[1]

  • The Bridge of the Ancients: A stone bridge built in the same style as the ruins, it was a valuable crossing point over the Pasocada River, especially since there was no safe ford nearby.[1]


The origin of the ruins was not known but believed to be elven, possibly by the ancestors of the Poscadar elves, who would not go near them. They were alleged to be inhabited by ghosts or other malevolent creatures. The Nahopaca also refused to go near these ruins, because they feared what evil might be within.[1]


Beneath the ruins were the remains of the inhabitants, who destroyed themselves in a magical war. Some were trapped within gems, after having suffered trap the soul. Others were turned into venomous snakes that continued to inhabit the ruins. The backs of the snakes' heads bore vague impressions of screaming faces on them. Stone golems were scattered throughout the ruins, still waiting for commands from their long-dead masters. Some treasure, like gold, uncut gems, and magical items, remained in the ruins, and some of it was guarded by traps.[2]



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