The Eshowe were a Chultan tribe that was nearly extinct by 1370 DR.[1][5][3]


The Eshowe were one of the tribes that couatls led from the Dark Continent[2] to meet the god Ubtao on the Peaks of Flame in −2809 DR.[4] They soon grew to become the one of the largest and most powerful tribes in Chult, second only to the Tabaxi.[1]

The Year of Dripping Daggers, −438 DR saw the beginning of a terrible civil war between the Tabaxi and Eshowe tribes.[6] It would continue for nearly 300 years.[1][3] Near the end of the bloody war, in the Year of Blooded Sunsets, −137 DR,[7] the Eshowe somehow released an ancient Shadow Giant called Eshowdow, the "Shadow of the Eshowe", which attacked the Tabaxi capital and holy city of Ubtao, Mezro. After nearly annihilating Mezro, Eshowdow turned on its summoners and wiped out nearly all of the Eshowe warriors.[1]

After this, Ras Nsi, one of the Chosen barae of Ubtao, sought to wipe the surviving Eshowe from Toril in retaliation, and he nearly succeeded in this task,[1] pursuing them all the way to the Valley of Lost Honor.[5]


The Eshowe spoke Eshowan, which was unrelated to the language spoken by the Tabaxi.[2] [note 1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Among the Tabaxi tribes, legends circulated that the Eshowe survivors were hidden somewhere in Chult, plotting their revenge.[1] In truth, by 1372 DR, some pockets of Eshowe survivors still remained, worshiping the goddess Shar,[3] who had absorbed Eshowdow's essence.[3][8]


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  1. The "Speaking in Tongues" article in Dragon Annual #4 does not directly state that it was the Eshowe who spoke Eshowan, but it is strongly implied by the spelling of the name and the fact that the Eshowe were extinct.


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