The Esmelflow was a collective term for a number of rivers in the northeast of Amn.[1]


All of the rivers and streams within the Esmelflow ultimately fed Lake Esmel and were located north of that lake and the Amstel River, flowing south from the Ridge of the Cloud Peaks, the Snakewood, and the Qadim Hills of the Troll Mountains.[1]

Notable RiversEdit

Beginning from the west and heading east, the major rivers and streams that formed the Esmelflow included the Golden Creek and the Vudlur, which flowed from the Ridge and fed the Splendarrllur; the Trifin Creek and the River Rimril, which flowed from the Snakewood; and the Fireflow and Trollstooth Run, which flowed from the Qadim Hills and fed Khalleshyr.[2]



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