Eulagad the Maul was an innkeeper in Skullport.[1]


Eulagad lived in the past, remembering the times where he fought evil with his dead companions. He was also concerned about the fact his line would end with him. Eulagad had seen the growth of the Port of Shadow into a large city.[1]


Eulagad worked along with his former adventuring companion Ilyana Wyrmmruff.[1]


Around 1370 DR, Eulagad managed the Burning Troll inn with Ilyana.[1]


Eulagad was a famous adventurer with the Trollsinge Vanguard party and one of the few surviving members. With his companions, he explored deep into Undermountain, but they became most famous for their destruction of a marauding troll tribe. Eulagad retired after the death of his friends and for a long time managed an inn in Skullport.[1]



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