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Evard's black tentacles, or simply black tentacles, was a conjuration spell that conjured tentacles to grapple and restrain opponents. It was presumably developed by Evard.[2][1]


This spell conjured many 10-foot-long (3 meters) rubbery black tentacles that erupted from flat surfaces and grabbed, grappled, and crushed everything in a 40-foot-wide (12 meters) area for a brief time according to the level of the caster.[2] In a later version, the tentacles would try to restrain anything that entered or stayed in a 20-foot-square (6 meters) area, and cause bludgeoning damage, for up to a minute.[1]

The area that was covered by the tentacles would be difficult for creatures to traverse.[2][1]


Verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell, as well as a piece of a tentacle from a giant octopus or squid.[2][1]


Evard's black tentacles was apparently unknown to the Netherese; it was not recorded as known to them.[6] By 759 DR, it was known only to southerner spellcasters.[7]

In the mid–14th century DR, Evard's black tentacles was still a rare spell in the Realms.[8][5] By 1373 DR, the Halruaan mage Daltim Flamefist had developed a variant, Daltim's fiery tentacles, simply adding blue-white flame to the black tentacles.[9] Kyristan instead formed the tentacles of life-draining negative energy, developing Kyristan's malevolent tentacles.[10]


The following mages knew Evard's black tentacles:


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