Everard was the head cleric of Tempus from Easthaven within the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.[1]


Even within his temple, the war priest dressed in heavy armor, such as plate mail. His body was covered in battle scars from his years of fighting to the righteous cause of Tempus[1]


As a member of the Order of the Broken Blade, Everard guarded the secret location of Jerrod's stone, but he felt Jerrod died in vain because the sign from Tempus meant the barbarian tribes were defeating the archmage Arakon and his demons from the Lower planes.[1]


In Eleint, 1281 DR,[2] a messenger from Kuldahar was found dying outside the Temple of Tempus. After asking for the aid of Easthaven, Hrothgar decided to put together an expedition to Kuldahar, but Everard refused to travel into the Spine of the World.[1]




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