Evernight was the dismal echo of Neverwinter located in the Shadowfell. It was a city of the undead and those that trafficked with them—unhinged necromancers, slave traders, and followers of dark deities.[1]


The whole city was in disrepair, as if the wood and stone that held the buildings together had the life leeched out of them, becoming rotten and crumbling. The few streets paved with cobblestones were cratered with potholes, and the rest were lanes and alleys filled with grave-dirt trodden and scuffed into a fine dust. The atmosphere was damp with a chill wind under a perpetually gray sky.[1]


The city was controlled by a caste of intelligent ghouls.[1]


Evernight imported live meat. Those that were lucky became slaves, those that were unlucky became meals.[1]


The vast majority of the residents were undead, such as ghouls, vampires, wights, and zombies. Other races were represented on an individual basis.[1]


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