The Eye of Blazing Rorn was a powerful dragon artifact.[1]


The Eye of Blazing Rorn was literally the eye of the primordial Rorn. It had the form of a ruby.[1]


The Eye of Blazing Rorn had the ability to channel the fury of Rorn, detonating powerful explosions of heat.[1]


The dragons created this artifact by using one of the eyes of Rorn, who lost it during the War of Fang and Talon. The dragonborn of Tymanchebar stole it from its custodian, a silver dragon named Asativarainuth.[1]

The dragonborn used the Eye during the Battle of the Crippled Mountain to destroy the Celestial Mountain by trowing the Eye into the mountain, that was actually a sleeping volcano, triggering a powerful explosion that not only destroyed the mountain but also killed the red dragon Rhodrolytharnestrix. It its unknown what happened to the artifact after the destruction of the mountain.[1]


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