The Eye of Blazing Rorn was a powerful dragon artifact.[1]


The Eye of Blazing Rorn was literally the eye of the primordial Rorn. It had the form of a ruby.[1]


The Eye of Blazing Rorn had the ability to channel the fury of Rorn, detonating powerful explosions of heat.[1]


The dragons created this artifact by using one of the eyes of Rorn, who lost it during the War of Fang and Talon.[2] The dragonborn heroines Iskdara and Shurideh stole it from its custodian, a silver dragon named Asativarainuth, during the battle of Arambar Gulch.[1]

The dragonborn used the Eye during the Battle of the Crippled Mountain to destroy the Celestial Mountain by trowing the Eye into the mountain, that was actually a sleeping volcano, triggering a powerful explosion that not only destroyed the mountain but also killed the red dragon Rhodrolytharnestrix.[1]

At some point, the Eye was recovered by the dragonborn. Since then, the artifact was under the custody of members of Clan Verthisathurgiesh.[3]


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