Eye on the Realms was a series of articles by Ed Greenwood published in both Dungeon magazine and Dragon magazine. The series debuted in November 2009 (Dungeon #172) and ended in December 2013 (Dragon #430).

Dragon MagazineEdit

Issue Title Description Citation template
Dragon #406 Xraunrarr Shall Triumph Descend into the depths of the Underdark to unearth the secrets of Xraunrarr, the beholder empire. [template]
Dragon #407 A Surprising Vintage Uncork a bottle of treasure. [template]
Dragon #409 The Merendil Gold Long after the Merendil family was exiled from Cormyr for attempted regicide, thieves and bandits continue to chase rumors of the gold that was left behind. [template]
Dragon #410 The Talking Door A description of the front door of the Inn of the Dripping Dagger in Waterdeep. [template]
Dragon #411 The Storm Bird Out of the howling, lashing rain it comes—a portent of doom in the form of a flying ship. [template]
Dragon #412 The Thing in the Crypt Rhauntagar. Before the world ends, many adventurers will learn to fear this name. [template]
Dragon #413 The Six Horned Crowns They appear one after another without explanation—orc skulls wearing crowns of gold—and then vanish without a trace. Who were these orcish “kings”? When and where will their crowned skulls appear next? [template]
Dragon #414 The Lost Dragon of Waterdeep There’s a lost dragon in Lord Eagleshield’s mansion. Can you be the first to find it? [template]
Dragon #415 The Haunted Battlement An unspeakable monster haunts a lonely hilltop fortress in northern Calimshan. Three hired adventurers have already hurled themselves off its battlements to their deaths. Will you be next in line for such a fate? [template]
Dragon #416 The Awakener of Golems A mysterious figure has the power to bring inert golems to life temporarily, but to what end? [template]
Dragon #417 The Sword of Spells Wizards across the Realms live in fear of a sentient sword that flies across the Realms unbidden, slaying spellcasters to slake its thirst for magic. [template]
Dragon #418 The High Priest of Beholders Meet the eye tyrants’ number-one fan. [template]
Dragon #419 Clan Harhund and Dead Dwarf Mine A dwarf long ridiculed over his dogged quest for a lost mine has turned up with proof that the mine actually exists. The catch? The “lost” mine is actually just a few feet beneath the cellars of buildings in Saradush, and that information got the dogged dwarf murdered. [template]
Dragon #420 Alana Nruneree, Unraveler of Secrets Word is afoot of a beautiful, female fey who buys and sells—but mainly sells—information about the most secretive wizards and mages’ cabals in the Realms. Is she driven by curiosity, or something more sinister? [template]
Dragon #421 Abyssal Trade Goods The phrase “straight from the Abyss” is used by traders all over the Realms to describe rare and exotic goods. A few, however, really to trade directly with the Abyss. [template]
Dragon #422 Barlar’s Bucket Helm Barlar Belasko is a man of above-average height, handsomeness, and ego. But an annoyed wizard brought him down a peg. [template]
Dragon #423 Masters of the Alluring Dungeons “Dungeons” are being discovered just below city streets, high on treasure and thrills but low on monsters and traps. Where did they come from, and why? [template]
Dragon #424 The Dragon that Never Died The green dragon Aglaraerose sleeps atop the greatest treasure ever assembled in Faerûn—or so they say. Though thousands of treasure seekers have entered the dragon’s mountain, only one ever emerged, and he told a tale that could hardly be believed. [template]
Dragon #425 That Which Slithers In the Realms, cults that worship slimy, oozing, amorphous elemental evil are a thing of the past—or are they? [template]
Dragon #426 Bold Folk of Baldur's Gate The highborn Patriars of Baldur's Gate draw the most attention from newcomers to the city, but the shopkeepers, artisans, and dock hands of the Lower City conduct the bulk of the Gate's business. [template]
Dragon #427 The Sundering: To Rule Two Worlds As Abeir and Toril move apart, a few fell entities seek to rule parts of both worlds. A handful of heroes oppose them, but they need help—and fast. [template]
Dragon #428 The Speaking Skull of Themtraver Hall In the gloomy, rotten-floored Themtraver Hall dwells the Speaking Skull. [template]
Dragon #429 Alsimur Droon One of the most daring traders in Faerûn is the smiling half-orc Alsimur Droon. [template]
Dragon #430 The Three-headed Helm Not all secret societies are out to destroy the world. [template]

Dungeon MagazineEdit

Issue Title Description Citation template
Dungeon #172 Amreth Guant, Master Merchant The east-west overland trade routes of the Heartlands spawn profitable, hard-bitten caravan companies and a certain breed of wily, worldly wise, independent traders. [template]
Dungeon #174 The Way of Lost Power For centuries, wizards across the Realms have heard scores of exaggerated, sometimes entirely fanciful, tales about various lost books of spells or rituals and processes that could swiftly make them mighty in magic. [template]
Dungeon #175 The Gentle Ghost of Silverymoon Wherever in the Realms you find battlefields, fortresses, or long-established settlements, you will also find hauntings. One such that has risen to popular notice only recently is a spectral, flying lady elf who has become known as "the Gentle Ghost of Silverymoon" for her kindly manner. [template]
Dungeon #176 Tarmel Drouth, Outcast Noble Tarmel Drouth was outcast from the Ilance family in Suzail, but he has not taken his banishment lightly and seeks revenge against those who have ostracized him. [template]
Dungeon #177 The House of Naerhand: Family Games of Power The Naerhand family is wealthier than the largest city guilds and weilds more power than many rulers. [template]
Dungeon #178 Deadeyes A monstrous beholder in Waterdeep. [template]
Dungeon #179 Ondal's Stand Wizards beyond counting died in the Spellplague. What makes Ondal memorable is not his wizardry. He is remembered for the wine he’d bottled but hadn’t yet sold when the Spellplague struck. [template]
Dungeon #180 The Hunter of False Nobles Heldran Rallyhorn is devoted to keeping the nobility of Faerûn ‘pure’, and his methods have made him both loved and feared. [template]
Dungeon #181 The Circle of Fangs The circle of fangs is an enigmatic magic device of unknown origin. Its purpose is clear, but who made it? [template]
Dungeon #182 The Dracohar "The Dread Hood" is a wily highwayman operating north of the Snakewood, so-called because of the voluminous, black hood which perpetually shields his features. What hides beneath that hood? Perhaps it’s best if you don’t know. [template]
Dungeon #183 Circle of Fangs, Part 2 Mysterious, magic rings have been found in scattered locales. Sages understand what the rings do, but not why. All of them are mystically linked together and, it seems, bound to some other, unidentifiable entity. [template]
Dungeon #184 Rastigur Stornont Rastigur Stornont is a man of prodigious appetites and even more prodigious vices. [template]
Dungeon #185 Silent Sail Small, secretive local cabals of merchants are everywhere in the Realms, and seemingly always have been. One of the most successful, in a city infamous for its cabals, is "The Silent Sail" of Marsember. [template]
Dungeon #186 Gergul and Mithgryn, Body Snatchers Extraordinaire In recent months, necromancers, warlocks, alchemists, and others in the Heartlands who seek bodies and body parts have shared news of two human men who provide the needed ghastly remnants in return for coin. These men are said to be young, agile, armed, and alert for trouble and trade betrayals. [template]
Dungeon #187 Queen Filfaeril's Blades The beautiful, capable, strong-willed wife of King Azoun IV of Cormyr is now long dead, but she left behind a hidden, living legacy. A small, secretive band of loyal agents, her personal Blades, remain dedicated to furthering her aims for the Forest Kingdom. Still willing to slay and die in her memory, they seek to make “Fee’s Fire” burn in every Cormyrean’s heart and hearth. [template]
Dungeon #188 Whispered Words The sinister, menacingly capable Royal Intelligencer (head spy) of Impiltur went missing while on assignment in Sembia two summers ago, and he has not been heard from since. Because Sembia has a very effective counterespionage force, some think Sembian agents identified him and then murdered him. [template]
Dungeon #189 A Deadly Civic Honor Disquiet has recently spread throughout the city, however, as word has gotten out that some awards, decorations, and honors are haunted by unknown entities that compel the wearers to undertake dangerous, often illegal tasks—the sorts of daring deeds performed by adventurers. [template]
Dungeon #190 The Wild Lords Of old, the nobles of Waterdeep took haughty pride in their bloodlines and birthrights. Few could marry into the ranks of the nobles without being swallowed up in the manners and trappings of nobility, and nobles shunned those who refused to act “higherborn than the common unwashed,” as one broadsheet put it. [template]
Dungeon #191 Jalander's Dodge Until recently, Mathym Jalander was a merchant like many others—a harried trader, less energetic than he once was, trying to make a living in increasingly tough times by any means he could. Now he’s a hunted man, in hiding and desperate to change his name and face (the latter perhaps by use of the much-rumored “masks of living flesh,” if he can find one). [template]
Dungeon #192 Masks of Living Flesh This article provides an overview of the strange parasitic creature called a jaod. [template]
Dungeon #193 The Winking Eyes of Rhauron This article provides an overview of the mysterious magical gems known as the Winking Eyes of Rhauron. [template]
Dungeon #194 Thormil's Secret Not all that far east of Wheloon in Cormyr is a small, backroads farm, the holding of one Nars Thormil, that has started to attract some local attention for the steady stream of fat thimdrors it’s turning out, all of them bound for the best eateries in Saerloon. [template]
Dungeon #195 Spellslayer Wine This article provides an overview of the Spellslayer wine. [template]
Dungeon #196 Ghost Knight of Galardoun Throughout the Heartlands of Faerûn, word has spread of an eerie apparition that many folk have encountered in dark and lonely places. [template]