Faersynd Floshin was one of the leaders of the daemonfey in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


Faersynd's consort was Talya Floshin.[1]


Faersynd was the lord and patriarch of House Floshin. In 1270 DR, he joined the clergy of Ghaunadaur after he saw the god's power against Eaerlann.

In 1370 DR, he tried to recruit a cult of followers of Ghaunadaur among fellow fey'ri. He provided to Sarya Dlardrageth the services of some tanar'ri servants of his god.[1]


Faersynd was truly devoted to Ghaunadaur. He tried to covert all people he met. Faersynd cared nothing for leading his House, a duty he left to his consort Talya. He believed that Xiiltharra Dlardlagleth had been a pawn of Ghaunadaur.[1]



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