The Falcon's Rest, or simply the Falcon, was a popular inn found within Arabel, Cormyr as of 1368 DR.[1]

Many even believed the Falcon's Rest to represent what the Pride of Arabel should have been.[1]


The lobby of the Falcon's Rest housed a large pedestal topped with a stone ball upon which an expertly stuffed falcon perched. Other stuffed exotic animals and monsters were found throughout the building being held aloft by magic. Many people treated the inn as a museum and came simply to admire and explore the bizarre menagerie of creatures.[1]

Quiet and cozy, the Falcon's Rest exhibited luxury around every corner. The ambiance of the inn was maintained in part because of strategically placed shielding spells to help quell the noise.[1]


Special "call gongs" were placed throughout the building. Striking one typically brought a servant running within just three short breaths.[1]

The staff was known for their service speed and impeccable discretion in serving their customers. Travelers who visited the inn on a cold day could even be expected to receive a warm cloak, a hot mug of broth, and a steaming foot bath, all without even asking for them. The staff was also very cordial with repeat guests, including remembering their names and personal preferences for service.[1]


The Falcon's Rest was owned by an elderly sage named Elmdaerle.[1]




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