Fallen Giant Rift was a crack in the earth within the Plain of Standing Stones in Anauroch.[1][2]


Fallen Giant Rift was located east of the Tagorlar mountain range within the Plain of Standing Stones.[3]

The rift was a crooked and branched canyon or ravine that stretched for nearly 24 miles (39 kilometers) and was more than three miles (five kilometers) wide in places. At a depth of several hundred feet (about a hundred meters), the floor of the rift was packed-down earth covered in thick grasses—a rare haven of life within the otherwise arid Plain of Standing Stones. Here lived long-horned antelope, sheep, and goats. A spring at one end of the rift provided water for the hidden valley, and this source of water fed several pools throughout the ravine.[1][2]

Gold veins were found in some of the caves within the rift.[1][2]


Living within caves in the rift walls overlooking the pools were hill giants. They would hurl large rocks down upon anyone coming to drink the water in their pools, and they kept the wild herd populations from growing out of control.[1][2]

The giants adorned themselves in necklaces made from skulls dipped in gold and polished.[1][2]


Fallen Giant Rift received its name from an ancient battle there, where a group of dwarves felled a huge, forty-foot-tall giant in a bloody fight to the death.[1][2]


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