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Falwan Underbough was a community leader in Cormanthor.


Falwan was a famous baker in Hillsfar, known among nobility for his "half cakes" until the reintroduction of the First Great Law of Humanity by Torin Nomerthal forced Falwan and his family to escape the city. He took refuge in Cormanthor with many other non-human refugees. In time, they formed a small community and Falwan somehow became their leader and spokesman. During the Rage of Demons[as of when?], he was afraid of numerous drow arriving on the surface in the area.[1]


Falwan was very proud of his work as a baker and suffered for the loss of his business. He was a friendly individual but experience made him cautious toward armed humans.[2]


Falwan had good dealings with Elanil Elassidil and the leaders of Elventree.[1]




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