Lord Falzo Hawklin was a noble of the Hawklin family and a commander among Alusair Obarskyr's Blades.[1] Lord Falzo Hawklin resided in a modestly sized manor on the northern side of Suzail's great Promenade with extensive gardens.[2]


Smooth-voiced, tall, dark-featured, and dressed in flawless black garb, Falzo appeared to be every bit the image of what a noble should be. As a young man he was known to be incredibly handsome.[2]


Quick of wit and intellect, Falzo Hawklin bore himself with the mature comportment and relaxed manners of one of the most sophisticated nobles, even in his younger years.[2]


Falzo carried several magical devices, such as a ring of mind shielding, a ring of protection, and bracers of armor, and he could often be seen wearing a magical and ceremonial-looking, ornate dagger at his side.[2]


In mid-1372 DR, Lord Falzo Hawklin was instructed by Alusair, the Steel Regent, to wipe out a group of bandits spotted in some ruins near the Black Crater of Tilverton. Falzo quickly worked in conjunction with both the War Wizards and Purple Dragons of Cormyr to locate reliable adventurers to undertake the task.[1]


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