Fandour is an entity of unkown nature imprisoned in a pocket plane. The reasons for his imprionment are unclear, although the Githyanki may have been responsible. A Gith on a merchant vessel that was sunk by Moonsea pirates in 1460 DR possessed a bracelet known as the Rythanko that was tied to Fandour. The bracelet was taken by a young pirate named Gareth Jadaren and was later used to steal some of Fandour's power to create the wards of Jadaren's Hold.[1]

Over the millenia, Fandour's consciousness reached out to the Prime Material Plane and made contact with several humans. Fandour was able to subconsciously contact the monks of Shadrun of the Snows, which he refers to as the Nexus, and influence them to create ritual drawings which may help free him from his prison. Fandour refers to both the drawings and those he influences as Vectors.[1]

Fandour was nearly released in 1600 DR, but his plans were largely derailed (albeit unintentionally) by the deva Lakini.[1]


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