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Fangs of retribution was a divine evocation spell that dealt back all the injuries the caster had suffered.[1]


The spell created the ghostly jaws and fangs of a viper in front of the caster's face, who could then direct it to fly at and bite a foe of their choice. This bite dealt back all the injuries the caster had suffered from their chosen foe that day; if the targeted creature had not harmed the caster that day, then the fangs had no effect.[1]

It functioned similarly to the Ilmater's fist spell.[1]


The spell required the fang of any type of snake, venomous or not.[1]


The fangs of retribution spell appeared within the Tome of Torment, the holiest book of the church of Ilmater, which first appeared in the Realms in 848 DR.[1]


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