Fantastic machine is an illusion spell that creates an illusory and very noisy mechanical contraption. It is solely available to clerics who worship deities of the craft or gnome domains.


When cast, fantastic machine creates an illusory, many-armed, noisy mechanical construct of impressively-massive appearance. The caster can command the machine to perform any simple, physical task that they can describe in twenty-five words or less. They can order the machine to perform the same task over and over, but can't change the task. The caster must specify the task when he or she casts the spell.

The machine is capable of swimming or flying, but does so clumsily; its most common form of movement is walking or running. It can carry up to seven hundred pounds, but does so slowly, and can not fly or swim if carrying over two hundred and thirty pounds. It can lift a weight of up to one thousand, four hundred pounds to a height of fifteen feet; push or drag thirty-five hundred pounds; can excavate seven thousand pounds of loose rock each minute; and can excavate sand or loose soil at twice that rate.

The machine attacks by slamming its arms against an opponent, which deals triple the normal damage against stone or metal. It can hurl small rocks (if any are at hand) up to a hundred and fifty feet.