Far Anchor was a large inn on the north side of Far Rider Street in Scornubel. It was built in around 1356 DR by a retired sea captain and its name referred to the distance by river barge to the Sword Coast.[1]


It had large and bright rooms with simple furniture and baths and was full most of the time. It had the largest communal dining room in Scornubel and it was open to non-guests. The guests tended to be the wealthier visitors to the city. In addition to the baths in each room, there was a warm bath in the cellar of the building.[1]


The staff of the Far Anchor were all retired adventurers, and most carried hidden weapons.[1]


The inn was said to be haunted by the spirit of a patron who was stabbed for his money, and the ghost was said to behave as though his stash of coins had not yet been found.[1]

Food and drinkEdit

The Far Anchor did not serve alcohol. Food consisted of roasts, stews, vegetables, and fried potatoes, as well as frogs, river clams, and eels, and cheeses and sausages from all over Faerûn. The Elturian gray cheese and the Corm Orp sausage made from squirrel meat, ground nuts, and hogmeat were both popular.[1]


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