Faril Laheralson was a male human fighter and ranger and the Oversword of a 100-strong contingent of Purple Dragons based in the town of Thunderstone in Cormyr in the late 1360s and early 1370s DR.[1][4][2][3]


Laheralson cared deeply for his men but was concerned more with their morale and spirit than their discipline. Thus Laheralson and his troops were a rowdy bunch who enjoyed brawling and monster-slaying, and frequently got out of control. They acquired a bad reputation for causing trouble around town.[1][4][2]

Although Laheralson respected King Azoun IV, he paid only lip service to the Crown and thought little of the King's representatives, seeing them as soft bureaucrats not worth his time. He usually ignored the Crown clerk Hurm Thiodor.[4][2] As the capital was so far away, they got away with a lot, and the Crown cared only that the town remained loyal.[2]


By the late 1360s DR, the folk of Thunderstone had once petitioned Lord Sarp Redbeard, the nominal ruler of the town, asking him to reprimand Laheralson over the behavior of his soldiers. Although Redbeard talked to Laheralson, the Oversword had the favor of King Azoun himself, and Redbeard was unable to force the issue.[1]


Faril had a domineering and rowdy nature, and was coarse in his manners.[2]


Faril fought with a +4 longsword, a +2 shield, and +2 chain armor. He had a Purple Dragon ring and a healing potion.[2]

His home near the barracks was quite untidy, being a typical bachelor's house.[2]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

In the late 1360s DR, there was a rumor or misconception around town that one had to pay Faril 500 gold pieces to get someone buried in the Honor Field of the Kelemvor's Garden cemetery, but this was not true.[2]



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