The Farlong house was one of the houses in the village of West Harbor on the Sword Coast North. It belonged to Daeghun Farlong.[1]


The house was located beyond the river, north of the center of the village. There was a bridge that connected to the center, but that bridge was later destroyed.[1]


The house was wooden, like the other houses of West Harbor.[1]


The house was composed of two levels: the first had a hall and a fireplace, while the other had two bedrooms, for Daeghun and his foster child.[1]


This was the house where Daeghun and the Kalach-Cha lived. When the two escaped West Harbor following the Second War of the Shadow in 1374 DR, the house was destroyed when Ammon Jerro and his demons passed through the village.[1]

Rumors and legendsEdit

It was here that the Kalach-Cha lived through their childhood.[1]





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