Fatula Chupa, or the City of Monasteries, was a city located in the mountains of what was once the Kingdom of Guge.[1]


Located deep within the mountains on the Katakoro Plateau, this city was almost hidden to those who were not looking for it.[1]


Fatula Chupa's square, white-washed buildings appeared to blend in with the mountains surrounding them. Buildings were constructed wherever enough space could be found, resulting in structures creeping up the very sides of the mountains and the slopes of Fatu Pass. No walls surrounded the city as the inhabitants relied upon the natural barriers provided by the mountains for protection.[1]

Many of the buildings were in ruins, having been abandoned for ages, or because of death and misfortune. These ruins were scattered haphazardly throughout the valley, and contrasted with the bright colors of the newer monasteries.[1]


Due to belief that the surrounding mountains and pass were sacred, every branch of the Path had a monastery located in Fatula Chupa.[1]

The differences in doctrine between these branches had resulted violence between these groups, and each monetary had sohei and monks to guard it. Alliances between the groups attempted to prevent all out warfare in the city.[1]



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