A Feint of Honor was an ancient rite that allowed two dragons (or two parties of dragons each represented by a leading figure) to settle a dispute without the need for mortal combat.[1] All dragonkind followed the code that allows for this kind of ritual combat, regardless of their alignment.[2]


The rite consisted of a battle between two dragons, each with one or more witnesses who did not take part, until one was subdued or surrendered, at which point the feint was concluded. The use of breath weapons and magic during the combat was forbidden.[1] Dragons were bound by their honor to adhere to the terms and the outcome of the feint.[3]


The formal procedure for initializing a Feint of Honor was as follows:[2]

  1. The dragons truthfully gave each other their names.
  2. Each dragon provided a list of offenses. At the end of the list, the dragon would state, "For these barbarities, I challenge you."
  3. The challenger would offer the conditions of combat and victory, including any spoils.
  4. The challenged could make any counter-offers.
  5. When both dragons agreed to the terms, each had to repeat the terms aloud.
  6. The challenger would declare, "The code is honored; the pact is made."
  7. Combat would commence.


Although Feints of Honor were almost always exclusively between dragons, in -205 DR, the elf Iliphar Nelnueve challenged the black dragon Thauglor to a Feint of Honor.[4]

Notable Feints of HonorEdit

The Passing of Power
In -205 DR, the elf Iliphar Nelnueve triumphed over the black dragon Thauglor.[4]
Azure Bonds
Alias and Dragonbait both successfully engaged in a Feint of Honor against the red dragon known as Mist.[5]


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